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LoveHard | View Performers Biography


Venue:Espionage, 4 India Buildings (Entrances on Victoria Street and Cowgate) Edinburgh EH1 2EX
Phone: 0131 4777 007
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Pravda
AUG 2-26 at 20:45 (60 min)
Show Image

Welcome to Hopeville. Just your average sleepy Mid-West American town of white picket fences, backs slapped slightly too hard by dubious farmhands, and where everyone knows everyone's secrets. Population: 23, 804. And rapidly dwindling.

When three young whippersnappers stumble across a box of musty cassette tapes, leading them to the deadly secret at the centre of the town's admittedly openly suspicious Abandoned Laboratory, and piece together the truth behind a devastating series of happenings in the town's murky murks, they are left asking: what is the cause of the disappearances? Why does everyone slap each others' backs quite so hard? And just what is the Elsewhere? Will they find out? Yes. Obviously.

Join the award-winning double-act LoveHard (★★★★★ - Broadway Baby, Fringe Biscuit, Voice Magazine; FINALISTS Leicester Square Theatre Sketch-Off 2017) for twists, turns and surprisingly intricate scene geography in their brand-new, never-before-seen, totally-hyphenated third show.

Featuring an original synth score by Nick Charlesworth.

"The sort of show that makes you excited about the Fringe again." - Broadway Baby

"Utterly, utterly brilliant." - Love Midlands Theatre

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 10, 2018 The Mumble
An Interview With LoveHard
Jacob Lovick and Tyler Harding are back at the Fringe with their third slice of maverick mayhem. The Mumble loved having a wee blether with the boys…
Hello Jacob, so where are you both from and where ya at, geographically speaking?
Jacob: Hello! I’ve lived a very adventurous life, in which I was born in London, grew up in London, lived briefly in Birmingham for a period of my life I like to call ‘being at university’, and then moved back to London, where I’m currently still living. In London. Tyler has been slightly more maverick. He’s from Stroud, a Gloucestershire town about as opposite from London as you can get in every conceivable sense. He’s just moved from Birmingham to London too, to be “nearer to me” and “mostly for his job”. What a guy.

Hello Tyler, so how did you & Jacob meet?
Tyler: First year of University. I’d heard rumour that there was a man with an exceptional handshake on my course. Being a massive fan of good handshakes, I sought to find him. And yes, he absolutely does have a fantastic handshake.

Which comedians inspire you, both old skool and on the scene today?
Tyler: I like the double acts that push each other and play with each other – stuff like Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore, or Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson, people who make it their aim to make the other laugh or just enjoy it fresh every time, they’re fantastic. On the scene today, Im absolutely in love with Max and Ivan. Truly, truly brilliant.

... Click Here

August 8, 2018  Bunbury Magazine
LoveHard: Tales From The Elsewhere review
Bunbury Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This show is fantastic. It’s well written, intense and brilliantly performed. Energetic from the start, the audience has no choice but to be completely hooked as they take in a performance of superb character work, excellent improvisation and a simple but highly enjoyable plot.
The show is a parody of 80’s thriller Sci-Fi with flavours of Stranger Things with subtle undertones of Stephen King’s IT amongst others.
The entire audience was completely on board from the start and didn’t stop laughing for the duration.

For us, this show is one of the rarer beasts that is, in our opinion, as close to perfection as you’re going to get. if you want lively, bold escapism, go and see this show.

This is definitely in the running for Bunbury Best Show of The Fringe and you need to see why for yourselves.

To miss this would be sheer idiocy and we know you’re all smart cookies. Click Here

May 27, 2018  Broadway Baby
The scene is set. It’s Christmas Eve at Drenchblood Heights, the home of the gentile Lady Titan (Genevieve-vieve!) and her rambunctious husband, Lord Titan, and they’re waiting for the invited guests of their murder mystery party to arrive. One by one, or sometimes two, the guests make their entrance and yet the stage, throughout this performance, is only ever occupied by two people...

Jacob Lovick and Tyler Harding (Edinburgh Fringe LST Sketch-Off Finalists, 2017) form the comedy writing and acting duo LoveHard and for the next 60 minutes in Murdered By Murder these gifted performers, alternately and continually, morph into ten (I may have lost count!) different characters without the help of any additional props, save for a waiting napkin draped over the butler’s forearm. Instead of costume changes, make-up, wigs or facial hair each new character is heralded by an uttered “whoosh”. There then follows a believable metamorphosis: a change to the accent or tone of their voice, an exaggerated facial expression (love the Butler’s gawp!) or a pretend prop, as per the cigarette à la Arabella Penne Arrabbiata (a vacuous, London ‘IT’ girl) and voilà! - a new character is formed.

The unfolding narrative is a pastiche of any Agatha Christie novel you’d care to mention (particularly the end reveal), with a hint of Priestley’s The Inspector Calls and a smattering of Cluedo thrown in for good measure. It’s also a send-up of English country life, with the vicarage inhabitants, the mayor and the aristocratic upper classes all taking a bashing from Lovick and Harding’s perceptive and insightful writing. Each character is caricatured to the max; Lord Titan, for example, strokes his rotund tummy, splutters and guffaws, and struggles to utter the word “purrr” (the poor) whilst sitting in his four-kitchened mansion with a lawn made out of Victorian children. He’s an odious country gent - each guest seems to have a reason to want him dead and, as the murder mystery game is about to begin, real life events take a sudden and dramatic turn. Drenchblood Heights is now no longer the setting for a Christmas Eve party, but a murder investigation. But who-done-it? Was it Shivers the Butler in the living room with the leaded pipe? Or Reverend Bell Sniff in the kitchen with the dagger? To solve the crime, we need to pay attention and follow the twists, turns, flashbacks and character reveals... it’s complicated stuff but very, very clever and highly entertaining!

This show is simply brilliant: in script, characterisation and delivery. These two young talents deserve all the praise they have had and will have. There’s a little bit of Fry and Laurie in their performance and, like their famous predecessors, Lovick and Harding’s partnership is comfortable, their writing intelligent and their timing impeccable. These actors seamlessly role-switch (it’s impressive), their memories are phenomenal (the script is complex and jam-packed) and their acting is, invariably, superb. A mention should also go to Nick Charleworth who ably provides appropriate background music that adds to the show’s drama and amusement. At the risk of repeating every other reviewer – this duo are a Fringe-watch-must and are surely destined for great, great things. Click Here

April 13, 2018 Love Midlands Theatre
LoveHard: Tales From The Elsewhere review
Never before have I seen such a terrific parody of the classic 80’s sci-fi movie genre as comedy duo LoveHard have created in their new show Tales From The Elsewhere. Take all the classic examples such as E.T., The Goonies, Back To The Future, the recent phenomenon Stranger Things, strip them down to their nostalgic clichés and inject them with the energy, hilarity and genius of LoveHard; that is what this show is. And it is utterly, utterly brilliant.

Jacob Lovick and Tyler Harding look as if they have arrived at The Old Joint Stock by time travel, wearing funky 80’s jackets and headphones. And yes this duo consists of…well…two people, but they constantly and effortlessly swap through an entire suburban American town of individual characters in (literally) a whoosh. Distinctive voices and small mannerisms distinguish the cast members of this sci-fi story of a group of ordinary school kids, who discover some mysterious cassette tapes at a yard sale and inadvertently initiate a monster invasion putting their town in jeopardy. Jumping from the group of high school misfits, their crushes, bullies, moms, teachers as well as a pair of dim-witted undercover agents and cops to list but a few, the energy presented in this duo is so fast-paced and it is remarkable how they can remember each character’s certain aspects. Also their use of space around the small Old Joint Stock stage is effectively presented.

The humour relies on parodying the genre but also LoveHard parody themselves, especially at times breaking character and corpsing (particularly during a scene with a hunchbacked old man). Their one-liners and recurring gags are so clever, witty and to some extent reminiscent of the contrast of sarcasm and innocence of Rick and Morty as well as the humour of Leslie Neilson in Police Squad and Airplane!

What is also excellent about this show is that while lighting and sound effects are used, it is a very natural and organic form of theatre presented by this double act. It is simply the pure creative minds among two comedy geniuses that entertain and make us laugh for an evening. Wherever they are heading to next it is crucial that you grab yourself a ticket and witness LoveHard do what they so brilliantly do. I would rush to watch them parody any form of genre or tell any form of hilarious story as amazingly as they did in Tales From The Elsewhere. Click Here

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