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Madame Chandelier's Rough Guide to the Opera


Madame Chandelier's Rough Guide to the Opera

The City Café

19 Blair Street
Nineties: AUG 1-18 at 12:00 (45 min) - Free

Madame Chandelier's Rough Guide to the Opera

In a camp fusion of comedy, cabaret and opera, Madame Chandelier guides you through her favourite opera plots, with jokes, dramatic death scenes, and a Nessun Dorma sing-along! Having stolen this great music from the grand opera house, Madame Chandelier, the joyfully ridiculous and self-proclaimed anti-diva of opera, is tearing down the pretence and bringing opera to the people. Winner of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern's Got Talent competition, 2018. 'Brilliantly memorable' Operissima

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Highly Recommended Show

August 22, 2019   Fringe Review

Highly Recommended Show

An uplifting and amusing guide to what many regard as an impenetrable musical genre.

All classical opera plots, as the many in the room who were all too familiar with the art form well-knew, feature a 16 year old girl (invariably played by busty 40 year old soprano) falling in love, singing a quick aria, getting married to a dishy looking tenor, singing another aria and then dying, normally by contracting tuberculosis. And then she sings an encore. The whole thing normally takes 4-5 hours. Or 4-5 days if it’s been written by Wagner.

Madame Chandelier, however, manages to cover a lot more than this in just 45 minutes in a whirlwind of extracts from popular arias, side-splitting comedic asides and a lot of high notes (lots of Bbs and C’s and even a top F, for those that like these sort of details).

It’s full on from the moment she squeezes herself into the room, her accordion at the ready to add a bit of ballast to her voice. And what a voice she has – classically trained, clear as crystal and supremely accurate, although a little hoarse given that she’s been performing solidly now for over two weeks (most divas don’t heave themselves out of bed more than twice in the average week, darling).

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August 7, 2019    Fest

Whether you're a seasoned opera-goer or a complete newbie to the art form, Madame Chandelier's Rough Guide to the Opera has something for you. In this 45-minute five act performance, standup soprano Delea Shand provides a crash course in some of the most-loved opera plots, performing her take on their best-known arias and providing anecdotes from her own life and opera career in between.

The arias are where Shand shines. City Cafe's nineties room may be small, but she fills it with her voice, breaking between lines to give her take on the plot (The Magic Flute is from Mozart's misogynistic phase), or asides about operatic technique such as the Queen of the Night's "opera shouting", while in La Bohème we experience "opera coughing". The two are not dissimilar.

Shand easily involves her audience in the show, trusting some with instruments to accompany costume changes, playing an opera drinking game with "expensive cheap champagne" and ending with help from some spectacular backing dancers. Her open nature makes it easy to join in the fun... Click Here For Review

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Madame Chandelier's Rough Guide to the Opera