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Bollywood and Birmingham to Berlin and Brexit


Bollywood and Birmingham to Berlin and Brexit

The City Café

19 Blair Street
Nineties: AUG 1-25 at 20:40 (60 min) - Free

Bollywood and Birmingham to Berlin and Brexit

Growing up, I was too brown for white kids and the wrong kind of brown for brown kids. That’s when I first questioned my identity. 'A wonderful show! Very funny and also quite moving. A personal story that takes in religion, politics and identity – with one-liners we were still quoting days later!' (Audience review). 'Great show. A satirical look at issues we all face today. Highly recommended!' (Audience review). 'Excellent show. Refreshing humour. Look forward to see him again. Five stars.' (Audience review). 'Enjoyed this show. Friendly, energetic, feel-good comedy!' (Audience review).

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August 11, 2019    Fest

A well-worked hour with a worth-heeding message.

You get to see some interesting spaces across the length and breadth of the Fringe, from grand old lecture theatres to the intimate City Cafe Nineties room, with its full-wall photos of Britney, Blur, B*Witched, and the like.

Now you might think, from the title, that Dharmander Singh’s serious-sounding show would be a little out of place here, but actually this colourful setting suits it rather well. A memorable early routine involves the ebullient Singh suggesting a Bollywood remix of Hollywood hits, which generally involves adding dancers and fireworks to cheer up the sad bits.

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Bollywood and Birmingham to Berlin and Brexit