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Free Festival Press & Media

This is where you can view and download press and media clips for shows and performers in the Free Festival.

A Night of Wikipedilove

A Talking Therapist's Blues

Ahab; or What if Moby Dick Were Stand-Up Comedy

Alex Farrow: Philosophy A-Level

All Aboard!

All Together Irish Again

An Excellent Cleanser of the Liver - Free

Andrew Frank: Cognitive Goof

Anesti Danelis: Six Frets Under

At Least We're Out The House

Bad Boys

Ben Gosling: Jobs (with Special Guests)

Bollywood and Birmingham to Berlin and Brexit

Caroline Mabey- Hair of the Dog

Carte Blanche with Uncle Charlotte & Aunt Scott

CeilidhKids at the Fringe - Free!

Charmian Hughes: What-not

Comedy Gobbledygook

ComedySportz UK

Coming of the Third Age

Dangerous Adventures

Dave Chawner; Mental

Down it Fresher!

Eliott Simpson: (a)sexy and I know it

Evers, Booth and [NAME]

Ew Girl You Nasty - Katharyn Henson

Fantastic Magic Show for Kids

Fat Roland: Seven Inch

Filippo Spreafico: Sentimental Value

Full Moon Cabaret

Funny Feckers

Gay Not Straight

Ghost Orgy

Girl Bully

Grumpy Pants

Half the Man – Michael Livesley

Happiness bully

I Am the Horrible Thing

Italian Stallion Fake Hero

Japanese Sweet Wasabi: No Mask Required!

Jay Light: Fake It Til You Make It

Jock Tamson's Bairns

Johnny Depp: A Retrospective On Late-Stage Capitalism

Justin Heyes - White Muslim

Justin Matson: Try Harder

Lateef Lovejoy - Life, Times, And Societies Crimes

Left Wing Conspiracy Theorist with Dyspraxia 2

Loud Blond Bald Kid

Madame Chandelier's Rough Guide to the Opera

Matt Stellingwerf: Sisyphus

Mista Lorraine


My name is Yumi

Nathan Cassidy: Observational

Never Heard Of It

Pandora's Box

Queen Mary Comedy Society and Friends

Ray Fordyce's Six O'Clock Supper With Salt 'n Sauce

Rice and Chips

Sam See: Coming Out Loud

Samantha Hannah: How to Find Happiness (In a Year)

Sh*t Socialist

Shameless Berlin Presents: A Pussy Powered Protest

Spring Day: When Push Comes to Shove

Steve Hili: The Sexy Environmentalist

Suren Jayemanne: I'm Here, All Weak (AUS)

The Afterlife of a Soap Star

The Vagabonds of Comedy

Thomas Green: Tweak


Twat out of Hell: Deluxe

Viking Millennials

Who Did I Think She Was?

Zero Hour / Without Your Permission