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Which Princess Are You?


Which Princess Are You?

Bar 50

Within SafeStay Edinburgh Hostel, 50 Blackfriars Street
Upstairs: AUG 1-25 at 17:15 (60 min) - Free

Which Princess Are You?

Do you want much more than this provincial life?

Would you love to explore that shore up above?

Sunjai arif can show you the world as he shares his memories of nostalgic pop culture all while attempting not to be sued by Disney. Sunjai (Winner of the Bath comedy festival new act of the year 2017, Runner up in The Guide Awards for Best Comedy 2018') has struggled with his unreasonable expectations for a fairytale life and can’t understand why people don’t break out into song all the time.

Children’s cartoons have affected all of us in some way or another, especially those from the entertainment powerhouse Disney.

Come and enjoy some absurdist comedy that follows its heart.

‘Sunjai Arif is an excellent performer’ (Voice Magazine). ‘Truly entertaining’ (Dorset Echo). ‘Blew the crowd away’ (Mags4Dorset). “A tour de force ★★★★★ (Bunbury Magazine). ★★★★ (TheatreBath.co.uk).