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Lee Kyle – ConQuest


Lee Kyle – ConQuest

The City Café

19 Blair Street
Nineties: AUG 1-13, 16-25 at 10:40 (60 min) - Free

Lee Kyle – ConQuest

All Lee Kyle ever wanted to be was a comedian.

And now, he is one.

So, with that in mind, he'd like to say the following to Mr McDonald, his former maths teacher at St Wilfrids RC Comprehensive School in South Shields.

Aaaah! Turns out I CAN make a living by dicking around And I DON'T need calculus like you seemed to think (As far as I know, I'm not actually sure what it is). Admittedly, living is a vague term, I'm not making mid-nineties maths teacher money, sure, but we aren't starving to death and at least I get to get up at noon.

Oh, also, Mr so-called McDonald, you shouldn't be so quick to crush the hopes of kids, just because they are wasting all of their ability just because they are 14 years old and almost totally disinterested.

Oh God, I was awful wasn't I? That poor man, having to deal with kids all day who don't even want to be there.

Anyway, he died over a decade ago so I win. Also, I'm living my dream and it is so brilliant that I need tablets to keep me artificially happy.

Anyway, this show is about how stand up comedy gave me a place where I belong and how great it is.

Come join "The Leader Of The Revolution" (The Times) as he explores being okay.

“Whip Smart Jokes" - One4review

"Sophisticated comedy" - The Wee Review

“Very funny” - Manchester Evening News

“Had everyone on their feet - Sublimely ridiculous.” - Northern Echo

"A brilliant performance.. Pure genius!" - NARC Magazine

"Subtle genius"- NE1 Magazine

"Genius... Kyle is one to go back for" - Leicester Mercury

***** - Northeast Theatre Guide

***** - Edfringe Comedy

***** - Vegas7

**** - The Wee Review

**** - One4review