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At Home With Miss Angela Bra


At Home With Miss Angela Bra

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At Home With Miss Angela Bra

From her Southend terrace, with her cats Pinot and Grigio, Angela Bra brings you her debut show about life as a singer/songwriter, rising star on social media and part-time primary school music teacher. A musical comedy of puns, fun and tunes by the ton, Angela mixes up her own original songs with adaptations from her “boring brother’s” award winning 2020 fringe show, Andy Quirk’s Parodies from the Peak District. A drag-infused rollercoaster of good clean for fun everyone! Please note, “Angela Bra” is pronounced like “Candelabra” and is equally classy.

Winner of Best Musical Comedy at the 2020 Morecambe Fringe

Over 250,000 views on TikTok

Over 100,000 views on Youtube

“Hilarious” – Comedy Crowd TV