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Crap Music Rave Party Online


Crap Music Rave Party Online

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On your Laptop, Phone or Tablet... In Your House
The Internet - Mix Cloud Streaming: AUG 7 at 10:00 (300 min) - Free Stream (Unticketed with Donations)

Crap Music Rave Party Online

Request any song as long as it sucks!

Hyperactive Australian party machine Tomás Ford is the best worst DJ in the world! He's bringing his idiotic club night online for a five hour daytime dance party, live from his driveway at home.

If you've never found yourself on one of his packed late night Edinburgh Fringe dancefloors, expect all the worst pop and dance sounds from every era, smashed together with unhinged adult clowning, Poundland-level costumes, terrible attempts at drag and hand-held disco lights that constantly electrocute him.

Tune in and turn it up loud! This is gonna be megaaaaa!

Entry is by donation at http://ko-fi.com/tomasford or by subscribing to Tomás' Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/tomasford