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Lee Kyle: England's Best Comedian


Lee Kyle: England's Best Comedian

The Pear Tree

38 West Nicolson Street
Main Room: AUG 3-14, 16-27 at 12:45 (60 min) - Free & Unticketed

Lee Kyle: England's Best Comedian

Lee Kyle is England's Best Comedian, he's probably the best in the UK really but he hasn't seen everyone outside of England so he doesn't want to seem arrogant so England will do for now.

How does he know? Well, he's exactly to his taste AND he has realised, after being a comedian for 14 years and being very good for the last few, you've got to have branding these days.

Look, we all have our moments that we think we are undiscovered geniuses and also those where we feel like an absolute waste of a life, so, lets see if he can back it up.

Which he can, because he'll have to.

'Incredible' - The i

'Leader of the revolution' - The Times

'Whip smart jokes' One4review

'Very funny' Manchester Evening News

'A brilliant performance.. Pure genius!' NARC Magazine

'Subtle genius' NE1 Magazine

'Genius... Kyle is one to go back for' Leicester Mercury

***** Northeast Theatre Guide

***** Edfringe Comedy

***** Popculture-y (Aus)

***** Mumble

***** Vegas7 (USA)

***** Funny Tonne (Aus)

**** Wee Review

**** One4review

*Please note* - Rather than this show, the performance on the 19th will be a showcase of acts from the North East of England.

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